Fertilizer-Pesticide Release

Consumer Information Sheet

The NJ DEP, Pesticide Control Program requires us to provide customers with information about the materials that we may be using as part of a pest control progrgam for your property.We are using this Consumer Information Sheet to provide you with this information.Copies of pesticide labels and their precautions are available. We may apply the pesticides listed below within 14 days of the dates listed below.

Brand Name (application) Chemical Name proposed date of application


PRE-M (pre-emergent crabgrass control) Pendimethalin April 20

Momentum (weed and feed) Triisopropandamine May 25

Dursban (insect control) Chlorpyrifos July 30

Merit (Grub control-preventative) Imidaclopid June 30

Momentum (weed and feed) Triisopropandamine Sept 25

Dilox (grub control) Trichlorfon Aug 15​

Winterizer Oct 25

You will also notice that following an application, a sign will be placed on your property that says PESTICIDE TREATED AREA and contains the international signage to keep off the grass. We are required to do this as part of the new program. The sign must remain in place for at leat 24 hours following the application. We would appreciate if you would remove the signs for us within 72 hours. As the customer, you should also be aware that you may request notification of the exact date(s) of our applications and copies of the labels for each pesticide that will be used.

We are also required to provide the following phone numbers in the event that you have any health related questions concerning the materials that we will be using.

New Jersey Department of Health 609-633-2043

New Jersey Poison informtion(for emergencies only) 800-962-1253

New Jersey Pesticide Control Program 609-530-4070

Pesticides are chemical substances used to control living organisms and vary in toxicity. Pesticides may be part of a good pest control program. Sanitiation, as well as physical and biological control measures, should be considered as part of a good pest control program.

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As the customer, I hereby certify that Abbondanzos has provided me with the information required under the NJDEP Pesticide Control Program notification program. I have read the information and understand my rights and responsibilities under the program. I agree to remove the notification signs that they will post on my property no sooner than 24 hours following the application, and no later than 72 hours following the application.



Please sign and return this portion of the Consumer Information sheet to us for inclusion to our records.

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