Traditional Lawn Care Program
Our Traditional Lawn Care Program consists of seven (7) annual applications throughout the year designed to supply your lawn with ALL of its Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium needs. It also provides controls for problems that may arise throughout the year such as crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface feeding insects, and grubs on a timely basis. If, at any time, you have a question, or any problem arises, we en courage you to call us immediately. We will be happy to offer our professional advice by phone, or make a service call to the property, at no charge. We will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction. At Abbondanzo’s, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Basic Lawn Care Program
Our Basic Program consists of (5) annual applications throughout the year. It provides controls of crabgrass, and broadleaf weeds.

*Grub, surface feeding, insect and Disease control not included.

Tree & Shrub Program
Our professional Tree and Shrub program is designed to improve and maintain plant health and vigor and suppress most common pest problems by insuring economically sound and environmentally friendly control strategies. Plants are treated based on presence of insects. During our visits to your property, we will make you aware of any problems that we notice and resolve them, or offer solutions if they are outside the scope of our services. We will provide with pertinent season information and we are available by telephone or appointment to answer any questions.

Tick Control Program
This program consists of three timely applications during the year to suppress the Northern Deer and the American Dog Tick population. The Tick’s natural habitat varies from season to season but is usually found in tall grassy areas, underbrush of wooded areas, leaf litter or landscaped planting beds. In conjunction with our three applications, we recommend several other steps you can take in your fight against ticks. Keep your family dog or cat free with the use of tick collars, dips, or powders. Check your animal regularly and remove any ticks you may find. Check children thoroughly after playing outdoors. You should also contact your local Health Department and/or Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service in your county for more information on ticks and any health hazards associated with them. This program will also control fleas.

Lawn Aeration
Aeration is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. It is the process of removing thousands of plugs of thatch and soil approximately 2 inches deep and 5/8″ in diameter from the lawn to improve soil aeration. Compacted soil and heavy thatch build up are the two biggest obstacles to a beautiful lawn. They tend to suffocate grass plants preventing air, water, and nutrients from reaching the root zone. This means your lawn looks less than satisfactory in spite of adequate fertilizer, water and tender loving care!

Additional Services

Deer Repellent
This program consists of (6) timely applications throughout the year as a deer feeding deterrent. Why spend a great deal of time and money beautifying and maintaining your property when deer rapidly destroy trees, shrubs, flowers and bulbs. Our treatments are people, pets and environmentally friendly. Let us protect your landscape the all-natural way.

Nutsedge Control
Yellow nutsedge is a distinctive perennial plant becoming a major problem in home lawns in New Jersey. Satisfactory control can only be achieved through the use of a herbicide designed specifically to control nutsedge. Conventional broadleaf weed controls have no effect on this difficult to control weed. This is a hard to control weed, please be patient while we are treating.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control For Shrub Beds
Weed Control in your shrub beds can be tedious and difficult. You can either pick them out regularly or try to find a product that can help keep them under control. To help prevent weeds in your flower beds, shrub beds, or any area that has a weed problem, we can apply a selective pre-emergent weed control. This type of control restricts the germination of existing weed seeds.

Preventative Disease Control
Diseases are one of the most devastating problems of turf grasses. The most effective control is proper maintenance practices combined with well-timed preventative fungicide treatments. Three treatments timed to be done during the growing season using a combination of broad spectrum fungicides offers the best control for most diseases. Our treatments are also offered individually on an as-needed basis. Early detection is vital. Follow-up treatments may be needed.

Limestone Applications
Soil pH sounds confusing and scientific. It is directly related to the amount of soil nutrients available to the grass and plants in your lawn. Applying limestone to regulate soil acidity is a way of balancing the availability of nutrients and increasing the response from fertilizer applications. Abbondanzo’s provides all its customers with a free pH test in the spring and fall of each year, we recommend sending a soil sample to a lab. We can take and send your sample to a lab for a nominal charge. Our recommendations for lime are based on the results of these tests.

If your lawn is thin or bare, whether it’s due to poor establishment from the start or recent problems, you should be considering seeding this fall. For over seeding of thin or bare lawns, our combination of proper timing, use of high quality seeds, and a superior seeding technique allows ProGreen to offer you a competitively priced, guaranteed seeding job. Experience has shown the prime time to plant turf grass is in late August through early October.